Back at Easts?

Easts management have apologised that we are unable to return to the club as envisaged at the beginning of April. However, they believe that the operation of the bridge club while much of the Bondi Room is now used as A Sports Bar and for other activities will be unworkable and of no benefit to the bridge club. This is a major disappointment for our committee and our members. It is unlikely that we can return before renovations are competed in late May. In the meantime, we will use existing alternative venues, and continue discussions with Easts management regarding reopening plans.

To play in our Monday and Tuesday sessions, please book at: .

Our Beginners' course starting on April 13th also moved to COA (starting time now is 2pm). 

When and where to play in the coming weeks


Because the Bondi Room is being renovated, we have had to find new venues for January through March.

Sessions will be held as usual at Easts Leagues Club on Monday 28th and Tue 29th December.

Monday sessions next year:

The first session will be held at Easts on Monday 4th January.

There will be no bridge on Monday 11th January and Monday 18th January.

Subsequent Monday sessions will be held at Church in the Marketplace, corner of Oxford street and Newland Street from 25 January, until further notice.

Tuesday sessions next year:

All sessions from Tuesday 5th January, until further notice will be held at COA Sydney, 25 Rowe Street, Woollahra. This is a five minute walk from Easts and is immediately behind the station carpark.

(The Wednesday BBO game will continue as before. No Saturday bridge)

To play on Monday or Tuesday, you will need to BOOK online. This is because we are restricted to eight tables in play. To make a booking, follow this link:

Stay tuned for more details via email.

Bridge in times of Corona

Regular online duplicate bridge sessions have been established by Easts Bridge Club together with Randwick Bridge Club and you are invited to join!

Tuesday 12.45pm Supervised Session with Nick Hughes

Wednesday 1pm Regular Duplicate with Nicoleta Giura

Saturday 1pm Regular Duplicate with Peter Cox

Masterpoints will be awarded to the top half of the field. If you need a partner ring Theo on 0411337539, or just turn up half an hour before the session and talk to Compage, shevek, theosauto2 or oze. 

We hope to see you playing !

Support your bridge club Sessions on BBO

Our bridge club is likely to remain closed until August or September as it is unlikely that Easts Leagues Club will be allowed to open before then. So it looks like bridge on line is our only option.

IF you have not used Bridge Base Online (BBO)  before please look at these videos for guidance.

These videos will help you to join BBO and also to play online.  There is also a useful guide on our web site .

Thanks to the involvement of the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) , we are hopeful of starting bridge sessions, in conjunction with Randwick bridge Club. Initially, we will trial formal bridge sessions on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. These are regular but slightly shorter bridge sessions where you can earn masterpoints. A partnership desk will also be available so you may be able to find a partner for any session.

If you want to play but have some questions, please contact Allen (



How to play bridge on BBO from home (with Easts members)

You will need a computer or tablet and an internet (wifi) connection.
You can also play bridge on a large mobile phone but it is awkward.

You are in your browser (Chrome, Safari) to read this.

When you click on the link below, you will be taken to the BBO site.

Click red top left button to Log in or Register.

To create an account, click on Register.

If you have an account just log in with your User Name & Pwd.

If you don’t have an account, click “Become a member” button; choose a Name and Pwd and you become a member of the BBO community.

Now you can Play or Watch

I recommend, if you are new to BBO, choose Casual, rather Competitive.

Help me find a game” OR “Find your own game

Suggest you go to Relaxed Bridge Club, players are nicer, there are no experts to criticise or bully you.

You can find a table with 2 or 3 players and click to sit, or, Under “Kibitzers” you can only watch.

You can “Start a table” (bottom left button). Choose your privacy options, you can reserve seats for your friends, or you can play against robots (right click to choose).

Once you become more comfortable with BBO you can go into the “Main Bridge Club” and again you can join an existing table or you can open one.

You can navigate through the club by going back – attention using the “Back” button (it’s the blue one next to “Home”)

If you like to add people to your Friends list, or chat to players or how to use robots/GIBs, you can Google “bbo tutorials”.

Good luck and see you on BBO; my name is “shevek” and I’ll try to be in the club around noon each day

CoronaVirus Update:

ABF recommends Bridge Clubs close temporarily

The ABF recommends that Bridge Clubs be temporarily closed for four weeks as from Wednesday 18th March 2020 (or a date this week set by the club) with the situation to be reviewed at the end of that period. A further extension may be imposed if necessary.

Whilst it may be a difficult decision, health experts around the world are all in agreement that the best way to slow the transmission of the virus is for people to practise social distancing. Many other organisations are cancelling events that involve gatherings of people and we feel it is a duty of care to our extremely high-risk clientele and to afford the highest level of health and safety to the members, their families and the wider community